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The Geometry of Inert vs. Pulsing Forms

Excerpted from the introduction:

Herein, we choose to focus on the “scientific” and ontological aspect of the two proportions known as the square root of three, and phi (or the Golden Proportion) – namely how these two proportions can be intrinsically linked to the nature of space itself. The philosophical implications of these proportions have been discussed at length elsewhere, and we will not waste the reader’s time by reiterating them extensively here.

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3 Responses to “The Geometry of Inert vs. Pulsing Forms”

  1. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

  2. Mario says:

    link does not work !
    pleas fix it

  3. Aidrian O'Connor says:

    Whoops! God knows how long that link was broken for… Fixed now… apologies.