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Geometry of Life, Part One

Part one: Brief introduction to, and history of, sacred geometry

The video will load below in a few moments… please be patient. If you grow tired of waiting, you can view this section of the video on YouTube by clicking here.


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5 Responses to “Geometry of Life, Part One”

  1. diane says:

    the music in the video is distracting and you can barely follow what you’re saying

  2. Aidrian O'Connor says:

    Indeed… as hinted at on the “Introduction” page, the videos as presented still have their scratch audio tracks… the final audio was never added to the videos. Apologies for the bits that are hard to understand… hopefully some day I will find the time to add the final narration and correct the track levels.

  3. Pyythagoras says:

    I enjoyed the presentation, and the music is fine…

  4. Kias says:

    Great vid! Looking forward to the new few. I agree with Diane, the music does make your voice hard to hear…

    beautiful music tho :)

  5. […] to learn more about sacred geometry, pattern language, and natural forms I would highly suggest the work of Aidrian O’Connor called the Geometry of Life.  I hope to do more posts on sacred geometry and different ways in which people have incorporated […]