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Introduction to the Square Root of Three

In essence, the square root of three represents the idea of the core creative force inherent in all things – in our lives, in nature, and in every other aspect of the universe that we perceive. In all cases, the square root of three derives its creative symbolism from the fact that it serves to tie together opposites. Whereas the square root of two defines opposites within unity, the square root of three serves to tie those opposites back together into a unified state once again – but one that has somehow advanced from the orininal state of unity by having experienced the process of being split into two defined sides, and then conjoined once more to a state of balance. It is for this reason, as well as geometric reasons that we will soon discover, that the square root of three is closely linked with the idea of the Trinity, which is an archetypal symbol of creation resulting from the balancing of extremes that is found throughout the mythologies and religions of the world.

For now, let this simple introduction suffice to describe this particular “transcendent irrational” proportion. We will, of course, show exactly how and why the square root of three can be understood to represent the idea of creation as a result of balance between forces in the next few pages.

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