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The Square Root of Three in Nature

One may wonder how it is possible to have two unity’s relating to one another – after all, how can there be two unity’s if “unity” implies that all is one. Perhaps the best way to understand this is through the example of two human beings – a man and a woman. Both of them are fully complete unto themselves as beings, even though they are contained within the greater unity which encompasses the whole universe. Let’s assume that this man and woman join and create a child – quite literally bringing themselves into one another to cause a moment of pure creation. Their child is a being made up of one half of the father’s chromosomes and one half of the mother’s – not one or the other, but a wholly new creation made up of the perfect combining of two opposites.

Another, more obtuse (but perhaps more profound) example once again involves two human beings, although this time their genders are irrelevant. Let’s assume that these two humans are the only two human beings on the planet, and that they have never met one another. Each one of them lives in his or her own separate reality, effectively creating that reality with their selves located firmly at the center. Now let us imagine that these two fully complete realities bump into one another on the sidewalk one day. Their spheres of reality suddenly overlap, and a new reality is created – at some unconscious level the two minds meet and agree upon the mutual reality which they are now sharing. This new reality is one which takes equal elements from each reality and balances the two to generate a space which both of them share. This mutual agreement is effectively creating a new world – one which pulls from the experiences and understandings of each of the two centers which now inhabit it. Now consider the fact that this occurs every time two (or more) people share the same physical space, and you may begin to see the order of magnitude which the creative principle possesses in our lives – and this is merely one example out of countless examples which could be considered.

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